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We design systems and obtain permits install and schedule inspections with the local building/septic department Let our knowledge work for you Filter Bed System A filter bed system is often used when space is limited or when there are poor soil conditions Processed sand is brought to the site and placed in the area of the bed

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Alternative system to septics and some ATU applications Click here to download the Rootzone Brochure Rootzone filter bed systems produce no noise or smells However like all wastewater systems sludge and scum slowly accumulates in the primary sedimentation chamber This will need to be removed by a Liquid Waste Contractor every ten years or so

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Septic effluent is filtered through the Bio Matt fabric The GSF Module s unique design provides increased surface area for biological treatment that greatly exceeds the Module s footprint Open air channels within the GSF Module support aerobic bacterial growth on the Module s geotextile fabric interface surpassing the surface area required for traditional absorption systems

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Single pass sand filters are an effective way to treat wastewater in an onsite application The sand filter system has been used for more than 30 years across the United States and there is significant design treatment and maintenance experience with these systems Sand filter systems are very reliable in treatment of BOD TSS and fecal

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How Enviro Septic Works Each unit of Enviro Septic pipe is 10 feet long has an outside diameter of 12 inches and is clearly marked with the product s name Snap lock couplings offset adapters PVC piping and end caps are used for system assembly Readily available and easily worked System Sand is used to complete the System

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Septic systems are normally used in more rural areas that are without a local sewer treatment systems A traditional septic system consists of a septic tank and a filter bed or tile bed Once the household wastewater enters the tank the bacteria then breaks down the organic matter and separates the floatable materials and solids from the

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Septic Tank Filter A septic tank filter strains out solids that can leave the septic tank effluent outlet and go into the drain field also called leach field These solids can cause clogging in the leach field bed and eventually septic system failure A properly maintained filter and regular tank pump outs can prevent your drain field from being damaged and your system from backing up

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The Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter is an alternative for onsite septic leachfield systems Independent and third party testing is used to assess and confirm the GSF s performance under a variety of conditions Treatment and disposal in the same footprint Flexible site installation Reduced site impact

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Mound Septic System Mound and raised bed septic systems are similar to conventional systems except that the soil is specially prepared to create an area where the effluent is treated The sand lined filter bed is one of the most popular choices In this system small distribution pipes are set into a layer of gravel that sits over a layer of

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Disinfection Septic Systems for onsite wastewater treatment some onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems are required to disinfect the effluent before it can be discharged to the environment Sand bed systems filter systems and aerobic systems may require disinfection depending on the level of treatment

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used are in conjunction with an oxidation pond or with a sand filter bed when field lines cannot be utilized Note the size of sand that is acceptable for a sand filter bed is no longer easily available in Louisiana Thesystem septic tank or mechanical treatment unit you choose has been approved for use and installation by the

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System using mechanical means bell siphon tipping bucket float valves or electrically controlled means electric pumps and pressure distribution systems to first accumulate septic effluent in a dosing chamber or distribution chamber and then when a specified volume of effluent has been collected move that dose of effluent to the soil absorption system sand

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High quality effluent from filter beds peat or foam filters can then be placed in a shallow area septic bed for low risk disposal The shallow area septic bed technology used in Ontario since 1994 affords a two stage filtration septic treatment train


Septic tanks installed prior to February 20 2022 consist of a single compartment Septic tanks installed after February 20 2022 are required to have two compartments and an effluent filter All septic tanks approved for use with on site sewage management systems are reviewed and approved by the Georgia Department of Human Resources

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19 10 2022 · New septic tank designs have therefore something called effluent filter It s a kind of a mesh with holes the size similar to mosquito nets Modern tanks have besides the effluent filter also an inlet baffle to keep the floating scum layer from plugging the inlet pipe however in this older model this can not happen since the inlet pipe sits much higher than the outlet

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04 10 2022 · For a typical residential septic system installation 3 4 bedroom home the NITREX filter will cost approximately $4 200 $5 000 plus shipping and local installation costs The pretreatment system materials costs are typically $8 000 $12 000

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FilterPod Systems have a carbon footprint that is 3 times less than a septic tank/drainfield or septic tank/reedbed as drainfields need replacing when they clog and reed beds have to be replaced every 7 to 10 years Warranty FilterPod tanks have a 10 year warranty

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septic Youtank Some soils absorb the effluent rapidly other soils absorb it very slowly How long and how withweU a private sewage disposal system works depends largely on the absorptive ability of the soil The septic tank youeffluent must be absorbed and filtered by the soil This is the filtering process that re

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16/01/2022 · Discharge of iron filter backwash to a septic system is not recommended due to the nature of the solids Below are some options to consider 1 Is it a new home If an iron filter is anticipated due to the source water at the home then the backwash discharge may be incorporated into the design of the septic system In this case there are two